What we do

 Scottish Association of Sign Language Interpreters (SASLI) is a voluntary regulatory body for the following language and communication professionals in Scotland:


As the regulatory body in Scotland, SASLI:

▪ maintains the Scottish Register of different categories of communication professionals and agencies;

▪ sets minimum standards for registration;

▪ sets minimum ongoing professional development requirements;

▪ ensures SASLI members comply with SASLI’s policies;

▪ promotes awareness of SASLI and the purpose of registration;

▪ provides information, advice and direction for people considering a career in interpreting or communication support with deaf and deafblind people

SASLI Registered and Trainee members provide reassurance to purchasers and users of the service, of the level of professionalism expected from the communication professional.

SASLI is also a Professional Association, providing support to SASLI Registered and Trainee members, including:

▪ provision and organisation of professional development training, information, updates of current working practices, and networking events

▪ representation of views from its members at events and consultations


* Note to External CPD training providers

Events will be shared with SASLI members if at least three weeks’ notice is given. There is no guarantee that information of events will be shared if notice is less than three weeks.