SASLI Statement

SASLI Statement

I am Mags Greig, Chair of the SASLI Board and I am here to update you what is happening with SASLI.

As you may already know, SASLI received a grant from the Scottish Government to review its dual role structure and provide guidance for SASLI’s future – entitled ‘Making It Work’. SASLI would like to take the opportunity now to thank the Scottish Government for the fund, and also to the three independent consultants recruited to undertake the reviews. They are doing an excellent job and their findings will help SASLI and its members to determine the organisation’s future role.

I would like to remind you that the £30,000 grant is contributing towards three separate reviews within the one project:

· Organisational Structure Review – to make recommendations for SASLI’s future as a registering body or membership body

· Standards Review – to review SASLI’s CPD activities to make recommendations for SASLI to undertake in its future role. This also investigates the possibility of SASLI becoming an accreditation body for communication support related development activities and events

· Consultation Approaches Review – to review SASLI’s Complaints Policy and Procedure, and also to identify appropriate consultation approaches and models to be used with the BSL community. We are hopeful this will help to prevent consultation fatigue with recent and current BSL Scotland (Act) 2015 activities.

The Making It Work project is still ongoing, but SASLI would like to announce that the main Organisational Structure Review has been completed, and a copy of the report was provided to the Scottish Government to offer them information at an early stage of the findings. The Scottish Government have requested further analysis so an extension of the project has been agreed. This means SASLI can commission work to develop the review yet further and we have agreed that the information will be ready by end of August 2018.

Whilst I am here, I regret to announce that the post of Development Manager here at SASLI, held by Carly Brownlie, expired on 31 July 2018. The post had been funded for six years by the Scottish Government until 31 March 2018 over two 3-years terms, however, that funding stream has now been drawn to a close. The SASLI Board agreed to use SASLI reserves to continue the post on a part time basis until the Scottish Government confirmed what its plans would be with our original funding application. We hoped that, on completion of the Making It Work project, there would be some funds available for the continuation of the Development Manager’s role to manage the changes. However, the Scottish Government has now said that there are no core funds available, regardless the recommendations of the reviews, until the next funding round which is not until at least 2020. Additionally, our recent application to a different funder at the Scottish Government (Support in the Right Direction) was turned down, and to date we have had no news regarding our other pending application, hence we felt it was no longer viable to retain the Development Manager’s post as of this month.

SASLI, as a registering and membership body, will continue its services and functions in the meantime and as said earlier, the future will be decided by the SASLI Board and Membership based on the recommendations from the reviews.

Questions and comments can be emailed to the SASLI office –