Lipspeaker Training Course

Attached is information on a Lipspeaker Training Course.

   Lipspeaking Training

Manchester Centre for Deaf Studies will be running a course

leading to the Signature Level 3 Certificate in Lipspeaking in

Stoke on Trent. It will be starting on Saturday January 18th and will

run for approximately 13 months. Attendance will be about 1

weekend per month and the course will involve study and practice

at home as well as attendance at lipreading classes.

People who lipread rely heavily on clear and lipreadable speech. Lipspeakers are trained to produce the shapes of words very clearly with and without voice using the flow, rhythm, and phrasing of natural speech. They relay the stress patterns of the speaker and use facial expression, natural gesture and fingerspelling (if requested) to aid the lipreader’s understanding. Training to become an effective lipspeaker takes dedication and hard work. (For more information about lipspeaking see the Association of Lipspeakers website.)

This training is open to both women and men. If you would like to have more information about this course please contact: