Registration and Membership

Scottish Association of Sign Language Interpreters (SASLI) holds a Register for:

▪ British Sign Language (BSL)/ English Sign Language Interpreters,

▪ Trainee British Sign Language (BSL) / English Sign Language Interpreters

▪ Deafblind Manual Interpreters

▪ Guide Communicators

▪ Trainee Guide Communicators

▪ Lipspeakers


• agencies providing communication services in Scotland.

The different categories must meet the minimum entry criteria, which differs for each category – for example, language, communication and interpreting skills – before becoming eligible to register with SASLI.

Information on the minimum standards can be seen on the SASLI’s Registration Policy each category listed above.
Agency Registration Guidelines include criteria that should be met by agencies applying for registration. For further information, contact the SASLI office.
A SASLI Card is allocated to Registered and Trainee members displaying the SASLI Quality Assurance Chartermark.

Other Membership Available at SASLI

Student Membership: SASLI welcomes applications from people who are currently studying to become a communication professional. This gives students opportunity to become familiar with current working practices and to build networking links.

Individual Supporters: People wanting to support SASLI as an organisation or to be kept updated of current issues, can apply for individual supporter membership.

Application forms are available from the SASLI office.