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Lipspeaker Training Course

Attached is information on a Lipspeaker Training Course.    Lipspeaking Training Manchester Centre for Deaf Studies will be running a course leading to the Signature Level 3 Certificate in Lipspeaking in Stoke on Trent. It will be starting on Saturday January 18th and will run for approximately 13 months. Attendance will be about 1 weekend per month and the course will involve st...
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Notice from the Board regarding changes to SASLI

SASLI is going through big changes at the moment. Since we had our funding withdrawn in 2018, we have worked together to re-shape the organisation and are now in the process of separating out the registering and membership parts of what was the old SASLI. Our members voted to maintain the Scottish register and to that end, we now have a separate registering body established. We are looking t...
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SASLI Statement SASLI Statement I am Mags Greig, Chair of the SASLI Board and I am here to update you what is happening with SASLI. As you may already know, SASLI received a grant from the Scottish Government to review its dual role structure and provide guidance for SASLI’s future – entitled ‘Making It Work’. SASLI would like to take the opportunity now to thank th...
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